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Community and biodiversity 

in harmony

Our vision

We work to be a leading organisation in territory governance, offering sufficient environmental production to provide a framework for the development of all aspects of humanity in harmony with nature.

Our mission

Serraniagua’s mission is to connect all aspects of the territory in order to guarantee landscape and ecosystem conservation whilst maintaining a vision of sustainable development for the well-being of the local populations.

Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund's Hotspot Heroes

A connectivity strategy for linking communities to the biodiversity

Serraniagua Corporation uses a connectivity strategy to link community protected areas, local landowners, surrounding municipalities, and areas protected within Tatamá National Park. The strategy aspires to the protection and conservation of species within the important wildlife corridor by creating and promoting sustainable production networks in the agricultural sector, in municipal plans, in park administration, and in community-based enterprises. The association aims to combine respect for local culture and with a strong conservation ethic. Culture and conservation are linked through the promotion of traditional and customary resource management practices and land management systems. 

The association has successfully fostered a rare link between community practitioners (farmers and producers), local and national government authorities, and the biodiversity science community.


This multi-stakeholder model enables equitable territorial planning, which in turn produces a strategic vision that is informed by sound science and research, is guided by the needs of the local population, and which helps to extend the policy objectives of government authorities. Serraniagua Corporation emphasizes accurate data collection and the application of cartographic tools, economic needs assessments, and biological surveys in the management of the Serrania de los Paraguas region. These tools are the foundation of land use planning and coordination activities.

Serraniagua Corporation is guided by four overarching objectives, namely:

i) safeguard biodiversity in strategic ecosystems by expanding protected areas and sustainably managing the agro-forestry systems that connect Tatamá Natural National Park with the Paraguas Mountains;

ii) implement sustainable production models with farmers in the region;

iii) secure support from a number of different stakeholders; and

iv) increase protected areas for endemic and threatened species.

Our allies

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CEPF Recognizes 15 ‘Hotspot Heroes’ For Outstanding Conservation Efforts

Our associate founder and environmental leader Cesar A. Franco Laverde has been recognised internationally as one of the 15 Heroes for Conservation in Priority Ecosystems of Endangered Biodiversity, by the Critical Ecosystems Partnership Fund in a special ceremony related to the fund's 15th year since the creation of this Global Programme for the World's Biodiversity.